Here you can download forms that will be useful.

Beehive registration form Link to the Connecticut Agricultural Experimental Station. Registering your hives is not only a good idea, its the law. Many people ask what is the benefit to me? For one thing, it establishes that your hives have been in a certain location for a documented period. If zoning laws are passed, you may be able to claim that your apiary is grand fathered.  Also, if disease or a new infestation breaks out, you can be notified to treat your hives to prevent infection and to help further prevent further spreading of of the pathogens.
Pesticide Notification Form Link to the Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection web site. The pesticide pre-notification registry provides Connecticut residents the opportunity to be notified when their abutting neighbors have their property commercially treated with pesticides. Persons wishing to be placed on the registry must complete and submit the Application for Inclusion on Pesticide Notification Registry.


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