Joining the Connecticut Beekeepers Association has many benefits:

  • CT Beekeepers’ newsletter will give you the latest on what is happening in Connecticut, our meetings, who to contact in the state in regards to beekeeping, recipes and general information.
  • 4 great meetings each year. Usually there is a bee school in February, with a charge to cover the added expenses, the annual meeting and general meeting in April, the Field Day at Lockwood Farm for a complete day of fun, hands-on experiences, demonstrations, lecture, etc.
  • A variety of speakers brought in for some of the meetings, the best in the field to share what they know and the latest in what is going on in beekeeping. Great chance to ask them questions, talk to them, get to know them a little bit.
  • A way to share your love of beekeeping, give some input into the club, become an integral part of the Connecticut beekeeping community.

The Connecticut Beekeeping Association can be as strong as its membership is willing to make it. Join today, pitch in and help the club grow!

By Mail

To join or renew your dues by mail, download the Membership Form.


You can now join CBA or renew your membership online in 3 easy steps.

STEP 1. Select the dues amount below and click Add to Cart. This will bring you to Paypal site. You do not need to have a Paypal account, just a credit or debit card.

STEP 2. On the Paypal’s Shopping Cart page:

  • If paying/renewing membership for more than one person, update the Quantity field with the applicable number
  • If you’d like also to donate money to one of our funds, please click Continue Shopping (see Making a Donation section below)
  • Once done, click on Check Out

STEP 3. On the Paypal’s Check Out page:

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  • If paying/renewing membership for more than one person, please specify additional people’s names and email addresses in Additional Members Information field. (This is to assure that their membership is noted and they will also receive newsletters and notifications from us.)


Making a Donation

To make a donation online, please select the amount of donation and the type of the fund you’d like to donate to. To make donations to two or three different funds, click Continue Shopping in the Shopping Cart and select additional amounts/funds when you’re back on this page again.
For other donation amounts not available on Paypal, please contact the treasurer at

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Regardless of the amount of the donation, your contribution is very important and deeply appreciated!